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Are Deer Dangerous to Drivers?

Deer in the UK have no natural predators and have become a serious problem. Deer vehicle collision hot spots in the UK on on the rise, with around 73,000 deer vehicle collisions in the UK each year. These collisions result in up to 20 human fatalities.

The damage done by the highest deer population in the UK for over 100 years, is causing an increasing environmental and ecological problem. For example, estimates show a reduction of around a 50% decline in woodland bird numbers, nightingales, willow warblers, and blackcaps.

Defra and the Forestry Commission have estimated that deer cause over £8,000,000 of damage each year to forestry and crops.

A Conservation Led approach to the culling of deer in the UK is vital to reduce the deer numbers in the UK. Resulting in fewer deer vehicle collisions, better biodiversity and reduced forestry damage.

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